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World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

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Did I get any of them wrong? I THINK I GOT THEM ALL RIGHT!
Comment from : LostNUnbound

Noah Anderson
Comment from : Noah Anderson

Chase Hawthorne
Uhh he forgot about some teams
Comment from : Chase Hawthorne

Timilehin Olajide
Wow 5:36 25 assists
Comment from : Timilehin Olajide

Ejie Johan Magsisi
If Javale McGee never left the GSW he will be here
Comment from : Ejie Johan Magsisi

You forgot klay
Comment from : z

AK Icytheshield
Comment from : AK Icytheshield

Rejo Jose
Comment from : Rejo Jose

Comment from : DAH B33F ROBLOX & More!

Wyatt Budzien
LNU:Rando is a all-star in 2011 and his jersey said 2013
Comment from : Wyatt Budzien

Malak Studio
But your are dumb your idiot
Comment from : Malak Studio

Wildie Boy
Where Klay Thompson at
Comment from : Wildie Boy

Punch Mania
Kyrie 25 APG
Dirk 2017 MVP

Comment from : Punch Mania

Thuya Suthakar
5:25. Kyrie 25 assists???
Comment from : Thuya Suthakar

Thomas Agresta
What about the rockets?
Comment from : Thomas Agresta

Bedrock Boi
I think he meant to say 25 and 6 not 25 assists Bc I heard 25 and 6 with lebron
Comment from : Bedrock Boi

Jonah Yang
Bro what about Klay thompson
Comment from : Jonah Yang

marc morcilla
What happened to klay?
Comment from : marc morcilla

Gamer 196
Kyrie must be a god to average 25 assists with LeBron..and the 2017 MVP was the so called GOAT according to dummy lnu Russel Westbrook not Dirk nowitzki
Comment from : Gamer 196

Mijares Lacson
When he said 2017 but it was 2007 at 8:41
Comment from : Mijares Lacson

Golden Gaming
Wait wouldn’t Klay be warriors sixth man?
Comment from : Golden Gaming

25 assist like what
Comment from : noswal

BushyBoy 2785
Best team so far well duh
Comment from : BushyBoy 2785

Poorly made video man I’m disappointed
Comment from : Unknown

Dein Brandon Rato
Hmmm i think klay is missing
Comment from : Dein Brandon Rato

Joseph Ford
Kyrie 25 Assists Nice Averaging A Double Double
Comment from : Joseph Ford

Lil Boat
9:14 ummmm Kristaps🦄🦄🦄
Comment from : Lil Boat

D Cooper
Were was Klay Thompson when u were doing the warriors
Comment from : D Cooper

Jake Basmadjian
lakers right now would be insane with danny green lebron and dwight howard in their prime ohmygosh
Comment from : Jake Basmadjian

Lori Ane
You said 2017 when it was 2007
Comment from : Lori Ane

the elites leader
8:46 9:30 both dirk and russ be winning mvp's
Comment from : the elites leader

RMM Films Vimo
He forgot about Klay
Comment from : RMM Films Vimo

Fr3ddy VF
Kyle Korver over baze
Comment from : Fr3ddy VF

Optimalframe9 Dylan koontz
The celtics lineup is the same as the 2018 line up lmao
Comment from : Optimalframe9 Dylan koontz

Rwnny Wiyono
You forgot klay Thompson for the shootin gurad not André iguadala
Comment from : Rwnny Wiyono

Troy Nguyen
The raptors should’ve had Linsanity jeremy Lin
Comment from : Troy Nguyen

Ben Fordham
Oh lord sorry klay Thompson feels bad man
Comment from : Ben Fordham

10 subscribers and no videos
We've got Dirk nowitzki the 2017 version that won mvp😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : 10 subscribers and no videos

Ben D.
Comment from : Ben D.

Ben D.
Jeff Teague is not an all star
Comment from : Ben D.

Christian Grady
Klay is 1000times better iggy
Comment from : Christian Grady

Dylan Matos
He said the 2015 curry was the 73 and 9
Comment from : Dylan Matos

Payton Brubaker
the mavs have deandre jordan as a center
Comment from : Payton Brubaker

I make music in the UNDERGROUND
“These three next teams are the 3 best teams in the entire video!”
Me:well it is the top three what else would it be the most mediocre?

Comment from : I make music in the UNDERGROUND

Dunk Master Flash
The raptors won the finals with that team
Comment from : Dunk Master Flash

You forgot about klay Thompson but instead put Andrew bogut and Andre Igguldala
Comment from : SunnyPlays19

Jefferson Brumfield
Not even Prime Isaiah Thomas on the celtics..smh
Comment from : Jefferson Brumfield

Griffin Bohman
Ariza wasnt on h town in 2010
Comment from : Griffin Bohman

Smithy Basketball
With Toronto they had their same team as this.2019
Comment from : Smithy Basketball

Ce Ce Wright
Yes Kevin Garnett
Comment from : Ce Ce Wright

Joseph Broderick
it said 25 points 6 assists
Comment from : Joseph Broderick

Russcell Samar
Wow i thought that dirk got his MVP from 2007 aperantly it was 2017
Comment from : Russcell Samar

Lisa Schaffer
Where was klay at
Comment from : Lisa Schaffer

Mr.Seabass85 xxx
25 assists?
Comment from : Mr.Seabass85 xxx

Bars3nal Soup
Why is the western conference so much better the Eastern Conference every single video
Comment from : Bars3nal Soup

Elizabeth Deschene
You forgot Klay Thompson
Comment from : Elizabeth Deschene

Yasir Barron-Harrison
you forgot klay Thompson
Comment from : Yasir Barron-Harrison

Talon Jenkins
I think u forgot about klay?????
Comment from : Talon Jenkins

Amy Foster
Where’s the pacers
Comment from : Amy Foster

Hamish 0824
What about klay
Comment from : Hamish 0824

Missy Gomez
We’re is Harden
Comment from : Missy Gomez

Missy Gomez
Who is watching this when Kawaii is on the 76ers😂😂
Comment from : Missy Gomez

Grégory Némin
Pau gasol 2010
Comment from : Grégory Némin

Dance moms Queen
Anyone here after Russel Westbrook switched teams, and Paul George went to the Clippers
Comment from : Dance moms Queen

bullriding with lil bro
Ok bro klay Thompson at on the warriors
Comment from : bullriding with lil bro

Bret Lee gaming y mas
I mean klay
Comment from : Bret Lee gaming y mas

Bret Lee gaming y mas
Klee not starting I could agree but I can’t agree about beget is getting the sixth man over him
Comment from : Bret Lee gaming y mas

Calvin Glover
you forgot about Eric Bledsoe
Comment from : Calvin Glover

8:48 2017 mvp dirk
Comment from : Gayboicarti

Gregory Ansell
Where’s Klay
Comment from : Gregory Ansell

Xx Bazzi xX
You should’ve put kristaps at center for the Mavericks
Comment from : Xx Bazzi xX

Slamdunks 1420
i agree with shoomer
Comment from : Slamdunks 1420

Chiemeka Uhoegbu
The timber wolves were made up of prime people from the bulls and the wolves
Comment from : Chiemeka Uhoegbu

Nithiwadee Wongvisetsirikul
Igoudala is in mephis traded for no one and durant in nets for d angelo ruscell
Comment from : Nithiwadee Wongvisetsirikul

FeAr ThE PrOcEsS
When you realize that you forgot about Klay Thompson
Comment from : FeAr ThE PrOcEsS

emmitt -_-
Yr warriors are better then all these teams
Comment from : emmitt -_-

The King Of Baller
Houston rockets with prime Chris Paul prime James harden and prime Carmelo Anthony?
Comment from : The King Of Baller

Tes777Ethan is awesome
Since when was Andre a superstar
Comment from : Tes777Ethan is awesome

Wolfy Games
This is how many times LNU said something wrong or had a typo

Comment from : Wolfy Games

NIna Legum
The raptors should have been higher they did actually will the championship
Comment from : NIna Legum

Spaz Gaming
Also like the comment if you know that LNU will get salty once he knows that Russell Westbrook is paired with James Harden

He will be even more trigged once he knows Kawhi and PG13 are paired too

Comment from : Spaz Gaming

Sean Mendoza
he said 2017 dirk instead of 2007 dirk
Comment from : Sean Mendoza

Ashton Hammel
2016 Eric Bledsoe
Comment from : Ashton Hammel

Rajesh Cheruku
Comment from : Rajesh Cheruku

Kenneth Hancock
Kyrie had 25 points not 25 assists LNU
Comment from : Kenneth Hancock

carnation gang and squad
Lost said 2017 and for kyrie 25 assist
Comment from : carnation gang and squad

ɮօֆֆ ʍɛʟօ
8:44 wait what
Comment from : ɮօֆֆ ʍɛʟօ

Ryan Petrucelly
I don’t really know how I can watch these this dude is retarded
Comment from : Ryan Petrucelly

Yum Claw
2017 ? 2007 😍
Comment from : Yum Claw

amrita bhattacharya
What about Klay Thompson
Comment from : amrita bhattacharya

Swag Boy
You straight up forgot that Klay was on the warriors.
Comment from : Swag Boy

Mapping with Tyler
Good video man
Comment from : Mapping with Tyler

Seth Anderson
He said 25 assist for Kyrie Stats
Comment from : Seth Anderson

This man need to rewatch his videos he be slippin up on every team
Comment from : ByronBeatz

Caden Hood
I don't get it what was the meaning of this video?
Comment from : Caden Hood

Goat Kaka
The 76ers aren’t a playoff team?
Comment from : Goat Kaka

Eric Sigala
8:44, this boi said dirk was mvp in 2017
Comment from : Eric Sigala

Christopher Capua
Bogut over klay??
Comment from : Christopher Capua

Weicky Zhang
Wait and Kobe’s last game is in 2016 vs the jazz in which he scored 60 points the year that he won the championship with gasol was 2009 and 2010
Comment from : Weicky Zhang

Weicky Zhang
What it was the 2007 Dirk not 2017
Comment from : Weicky Zhang

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